Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm winding down on the framing for the 'Vamos a Grabar!' ('Let's Print!) show. I have all the Baren Print Exchange #30 in one corner of the living room and 2/3 of the rest patiently waiting the final pieces ... Opening day is June 1 and I still have to do signage and descriptions. Fortunately I don't have to do the catalog! I can't wait until all this is done and I can start creating again... my mind is aboil with ideas.
Ya estoy terminando todos los marcos para la exhibicion 'Vamos a Grabar!'. Tengo todos los del Baren Intercambio de Grabados No. 30 a un lado de la sala de estar and 2/3 del resto esperando pacientamente para las piezas finales ... La apertura es el 1 de junio y todavia me hace faltan las descripciones. Afortunadamente no tengo responsibilidad para el catalogo! No puedo esperar hasta que todo esto esta por terminar y puedo crear de nuevo... tengo tantas ideas bailando por mi mente.


vivien said...

I like those frames with your work - they really enhance the prints :)

Good luck

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Vivien... When I went down today I found they had changed the opening day to the 5th. That's actually better for me. I can relax (a bit) and have time to proofread what I put up with the printmaking photographs!

dinahmow said...

Hello.I love your work, particularly the prints, but today I'm coming here with a message, if you can pass it along, for Jennifer Schmitt.
Her blog is not loading;an error message flashes up halfway through and she may not be aware of it.
Good luck with the exhibition.