Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The paper just arrived, delivered by my friendly postman. I open it, beautiful and pristine. The top is masa, the middle mulberry and the bottom mingeishi awagami (natural)... I've used masa and mulberry before but never the last one. Tonight I tear and cut paper and print tomorrow!

Acaba de llegar el papel, entregado por el cartero. Lo abro, bella y limpia. Lo de encima es papel masa, en el medio mulberry and lo de abajo es mingeishi awagami natural... Tengo experiencia con masa y mulberry pero no con el ultimo. Esta noche rompo y corto papel y sueno con grabar manana... (desculpe que no hay acentos ni el 'enye', pero mi keyboard es sumamente yanqui)...
Bananas and plantains come in all varieties here in Puerto Rico. This stalk was growing wild in the next lot, so we have given it a home in our kitchen. This red variety tastes very fruity, a little like apples, and is very good eating and also makes excellent 'amarillas', ripe pan-fried banana slices.

Bananas y platanos vienen en toda variedad aqui en Puerto Rico. Estes estaban creciendo en el lote abandonado al lado de nuestro propiedad entonces ya estamos usandolos. Este variedad rojo tiene sabor a manzana and tambien se los puede usar para 'amarillas' excelentes.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Old linocuts cry out for finishing... Because humidity affects paper here in Puerto Rico, I don't always pull a full edition of prints. While clearing out the studio I found a pile of linocuts that still have incomplete editions. I just made a paper order... so these will have to wait a few days until it arrives.
Un monton de linocuts para terminar... A causa de la humedad que afecta el papel aqui in Puerto Rico, no hago una edicion completa de golpe. Limpiando el estudio encontre unos linocuts que faltan una edicion completa. Acabo de hacer un pedido de papel por telefono... entonces estos tendran que esperar unos dias hasta que llegue.

Year of the Dog
Baren New Year Exchange
“Howling Drummer”
Linocut, Artools sepia oil-based ink on masa paper, 3.5"x5.5"

As a result of visiting Mayan ruins while living in El Salvador and Honduras, I’ve developed a love of Mayan hieroglyphics. The dog is frequently found in glyphs dealing with death and is often a guide to the underworld. This is from a glyph but I wanted a sense of humor so he is accompanying himself on the drum.

This was a 65 print edition using my new ball-bearing baren. I loved how easy it was to get results as solid as I’ve been able to achieve on my large Dick Blick Masteretch press. The inking and printing took the same amount of time, which surprised me.

Downsizing after using a press for years is a bit of a challenge. I've bought myself a beautiful baren from the Baren mall. It's been just been used for two rather large editions (55 and 65) and it a delight!!! So much better than a spoon or doorknob, not requiring much pressure, and very portable. I spent the afternoon printing on my porch in the fresh air instead of in my warm studio...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Like the saying 'today is the first day of the rest of your life', so this blog is the move of an old-fashioned, non-cellphone-using, non-watch-wearing artist into the 21st century.

Because I've traveled and moved so much and will continue to do so, in this small way I hope to keep you, my friends and collectors, up to speed on what I am working on and what surroundings are inspiring me ...

Para mis amigos y colectores de mi arte... como vamos a estar mudando eventualmente y despues viajar mucho ... el concepto de este blog es informarles de lo que estoy creando y las inspiraciones del mismo ...