Thursday, May 17, 2007

Monotype/monotipo, 'Montana' (5"x7" / 13cmx18cm).

I've been going through works for the exhibition and decided to include this one. Placing rice paper on a dirty inking area, then pulling the paper off, there were some delightful sepia shapes that needed a little enhancing with brushed-on Akua-Kolor inks. I then pasted the rice paper onto a 90# watercolor paper .. and that's that! An abstract!


Revisando obras para la exhibicion, decidi incluir a esta. Poniendo una hoja de papel japonesa de arroz en el vidrio sucio que uso para la tinta, luego sacando el papel, asomaban unas formas color sepia que necesitaban un aumento con tintas Akua-Kolor aplicadas con un pincel. Entonces pegue el papel a otro de acuarela (90#) ... y ya! Un abstrato!

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leslyf said...

Lovely! What a great result from a little bit of serendipity and an ingenius mind!

I have tagged you HERE! Hope you will come out to play!