Friday, June 01, 2007

I am exhausted! Today the 'Vamos a Grabar' show was hung... all 91 framed pieces! The Centro de Arte has a wonderful hanging system which makes it much easier. The first step is to place the art in the desired spot against the wall. Then, climbing on a ladder, the wires are attached to a metal strip. You can 'eyeball' the position looking over the art on the floor.
Monday I go in to straighten up the frames with some tacky tape and put on the labels. They also need to put up the banner outside the building. ((Sigh)) I am dying to get back into the studio and create!!! Soon, I tell myself!!!
Estoy cansadisima!!! Hoy colgue la exhibicion 'Vamos a Grabar'... 91 piezas en total! El Centro de Arte tiene una sistema lindisima que hace el trabajo mucho mas placentero. La primera estapa es poner el arte en la posicion deseada en el piso al lado de la pared. Entonces, subiendo la escalera, se mete el alambre en una tira metal. Se puede ver bien donde ponerlo mirando abajo al arte en el piso.
Lunes regreso para poner bien a los marcos y tambien a los 'labels' con la informacion. Los del Centro tienen que poner el rotulo por las afueras del edificio. ((un gran suspiro)) Estoy muy ansiosa de estar de nuevo en el estudio... creando!!! Pronto, digo a mi mismo!!!


vivien said...

they are looking great :)
good luck and lots of sales

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Vivien... Unfortunately this is more of a 'museum' venue than a gallery one so there are only a few sales. But, on the bright side, when there are sales, I have complete control of the transaction... a definite plus, especially since they have gotten a free press for their art program.

drb said...

Are images of these works availble on line? Are you going to try to sell them at the show?

Diane Cutter said...

Hi, drb... Yes, a lot of the images are in my blog over the last few months and on my website. Unfortunately, like I mentioned to Vivien, this is not a great selling venue but people are welcome to purchase from the show. Since they are prints, they have the option of waiting until the show ends for the exhibited piece or I am happy to sell another of the edition.

LynClay said...

Diane that is so exciting and your works look fantastic!!