Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I played with a solar plate, applying ink as if it were a relief print. I pulled two prints with black ink. The first was almost completely black with tons of ink. The second was a grayer ghost impression, pulled without applying more ink.

Then, with Prismacolor pencils, I added color. With the darker one it came out looking like velvet... the colors with the darkest ink cried out 'Night' (5"x7"), monoprint with colored pencil.

The second ghost print said '... if you are Night, then my name is Day' (5"x7"), monoprint with pencil.

Both prints will be in my upcoming Humacao exhibition as examples of working experimentally in printmaking.

Jugue con una placa solar (solar plate), anadiendo la tinta estilo de grabado relieve. Saque dos impresiones con tinta negra. La primera impresion era casi completamente negra con tanta tinta, la segunda era una impresion 'fantasma' ('ghost') que saque sin aplicar mas tinta.

Luego con lapices Prismacolor anadi colores. A la mas negra salio como terciopelo... los colores con lo oscuro debajo gritaba 'Noche' (13cmx18cm), monoprint con lapices.

La segunda decia '... si tu eres noche, pues yo me llamo 'Dia' (13cmx18cm), monoprint con lapices.

Ambos estaran en la exhibicion mia en Humacao como ejemplos de grabado experimental.


janey said...

Those are beautiful and so very different. I'm new to this woodcut thing and just wish I had more time to do it. But I do seem to spend lots of time surfing printmaking sites. Everyone is so generous with their how to's. It's like taking classes on line.

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Janey, and thanks for stopping by. I've gotten a lot of inspiration, too, over the internet. Who would have thought it could improve one's art. You must visit and the Printmaking forum of Both are great sources of information and sharing.