Monday, May 14, 2007

Progress continues on the crab reduction woodcut. I’ve added a dinitro orange and then a fine detail of quinacridone magenta, both Akua-Kolor. (I love all the quinacridones, especially the gold.) I have to check to see how many actually survived the final fourth color. I think I have 15 acceptable prints.

Hay mas progreso en el grabado de madera del cangrejo. Anadi una naranja dinitro y luego unos detalles de quinacridone magenta, ambos Akua-Kolor. (Me encantan todos los quinacridones, especialmente el oro o dicho ‘gold’.) Tengo que averiguar cuantos han sobrevivido el cuarto y final color. Creo que tenga 15 impresiones buenas.


LynClay said...

Wow Diane your crab woodcut looks absolutely wonderful, love the yellow and orange in him! I love seeing the process of how you made him too and it looks like lots of intricate work to make the plate!

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Lynnie. My husband takes things very literally, claiming he's never seen a crab that color... so I said, 'you have now!'
With this type of printmaking, most of the planning has to happen before you ever start cutting. Granted the lines may get cut a little differently from the drawn line, but you really have to plan your colors and where you are going to cut. After that, it's not too bad and always a pleasant surprise when the last layer is pulled.

Annie B said...

Ah, now I see. Four colors. This is great. I haven't worked much with the reduction method, just a couple of partial reductions. It's difficult, takes a lot of planning as you said. You did a great job on this. It looks "loose" even with all the planning.