Friday, May 11, 2007

Ayer fue el anochecer desde nuestro veranda, hoy tienen un ejemplo del premio del madrugador. Con la llegada de verano no veo la salida del sol con tanta frequencia... pero el cielo del Caribe es siempre una inspiracion.
Yesterday it was the sunset from our porch, today is an example of the prize for the early bird. With summer's arrival I don't see the sunrise as often... but the Caribbean sky is always an inspiration.


Ellen Shipley said...

What a view! No wonder you live there!

BTW, you've been tagged. ;-] It's a game going around the art blogs (if you want to play). Just list seven things about yourself, seven bloggers whose sites you visit, and let'em know about it.

Click back thru to see the rules and learn odd facts about folks. ;-j

Diane Cutter said...

Oh, no!!! Now I have to use my thinking cap and figure out things I haven't already told the whole world!

LynClay said...

Oh Diane this has got to one of the most gorgeous and incredible sky photos I've ever seen!!