Friday, April 04, 2008

'A Western Chinese New Year'
Linocut ~~ Edition/Edicion: 50
9"x7" ~~ 23 cm x 18 cm

This print was made for a Wet Canvas printmaking exchange. The theme was the Chinese New Year. Being somewhat tired of the more traditional animals, I decided to make a print with a 'southwestern' flavor. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything in the American Southwest that would work for 'monkey' so borrowed the Central American spider monkey. So the animals are: field mouse (rat), roadrunner (rooster), coyote (dog) javelina (pig), lizard (dragon), rattlesnake (snake), mustang (horse), bighorn sheep (sheep), spider monkey (monkey), longhorn bull (ox) puma (tiger), and jackrabbit (hare).

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Este grabado fue hecho para un intercambio de grabados en Wet Canvas. El tema era el Ano Nuevo Chino. Un poco cansada de los animales mas tradicionales, decidi hacer mi grabado con sabor del sudoeste. Desgraciadamente no podia encontrar nada adecuado para 'mono' ... por eso use el mono arana centroamericano. Entonces los animales son: raton (rata), correcamino (gallo), coyote (perro), javelina (jabali), legarto (dragon), serpiente de cascabel (culebra), mustango (caballo), carnero (carnero), mono arana (mono), ganado longhorn (buey), puma (tigre), y liebre grande norteamericano (conejo).

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drb said...

Very cool having the animals go past the edges of the checkers and reversing positive.

Phare-Camp said...

Awesome! Love your western interpretation. Of course there is also a very famous western dragon god...Quetzalquatal but your lizard is an American Southwest Icon.

Diane Cutter said...

DRB... I definitely had fun with this one. By the way, I love both your black and white and colored morning glories... Good work!

Patricia... Yes, I thought about that but backed off since it is so exotic it would totally overpower the other images! But what a great idea for another woodcut... Thank you!... and I'm enjoying your 'fool' print. I'm hoping I get into the Baren exchange for this one but fear my name is too low on the alternate list... Bummer!