Friday, April 11, 2008

"Baby Leatherback" ~~ "Bebe Tinglar"
Linocut ~~ 2008
Size/Tamano: 4.5"x4" ~~ 12 cm x 10 cm

The Sierra Club is a sponsor of the Festival del Tinglar in Luquillo at the end of April. It is in celebration of the new ecological nature preserves along the northeast of Puerto Rico where the turtles hatch. Our group from the monthly El Yunque art exhibit will have a booth. I'm not sure art is really a hot seller at this event. There will be a parade (children in turtle costumes), food, and artisans. I wanted to have something for the children... so I came up with this little baby leatherback. In situations like this I have two prices. For adults, they pay full price. If they are accompanied by a child, they only pay $2.00. It always gets some smiles but they also buy.

Purchase here.

El Sierra Club es patrocinador de la Festival del Tinglar en Luquillo los fines de abril. Se celebra la nueva reserva natural del corredor ecologico del noreste de Puerto Rico donde crian las tortugas. Nuestro grupo de la exhibicion de arte mensual en El Yunque tendra un puesto. No estoy seguro de que el arte sera en demanda en este evento. Habra un desfile (ninos vestidos de tortugas), comida, y artesanos. Queria tener algo para los ninos... por eso hize este tortuga bebe. En casos como estos tengo dos precios. Para los adultos, pagan el precio regular. Si estan acompanados de un nino, pagan solo $2.00. Siempre se rien pero tambien compran.

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Eraethil said...

You have such a great style with animals Diane! Awesome print. Hope you sell a bunch of them.

Sue said...

Your little leatherback is soooo nice! I'm sure they'll sell well and what a good idea to have the discounted price for those with kids.

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Rick... I want to do a little mini series, small cute prints for children, using some of the animals from my recent 'Western Chinese New Year' print. I have some small pieces of lino 3"x3" which are just perfect.

Sue... Thanks... I hope to have more small works for them. If I can find the time to cut and print on my upcoming visit to parents, I'll have them for the Tinglar event.

Curtis said...

Neat! I've played around with the Pacific Northwest tribal symbols on the press; I think the abstract boldness works great for printing.

Lynette said...

What a wonderful turtle print Diane and that sounds like a fun event!