Saturday, April 05, 2008

'This Little Pig...' ~~ 'Este cerdito...'
Woodcut ~~ Grabado de madera
2008 ~~ Edition/Edicion: 100
Size/Tamano: 4.5" x4"~~12 cmX10 cm
Paper/Papel: Sumi rice paper
Ink/Tinta: Oil-based relief
~~ Tinta oleo para relieve

This image was created to celebrate the Chinese astrological Year of the Boar (or Pig) in 2007. I was charmed by this little pot-bellied pig and kept thinking of the Mother Goose rhyme mothers sing to their toddlers while enticing them to put on their shoes and socks, tickling their toes ...

This little pig went to market.
This little pig stayed home.
This little pig had roast beef.
This little pig had none.
And this little pig went
'whee, whee, whee' all the way home.

Available here.


Este imagen fue creado para celebrar el ano astrologico chino del chancho (o cerdo) en 2007. Me encanto este cerdito y me hizo pensar en la rima de la famosa Mother Goose que las madres cantan a sus hijitos mientras ponen los calcetines y zapatos, cosquillando los dedos del pie ...

Este cerdito se fue al mercado.
Este cerdito se quedo en casa.
Este cerdito comio carne asado.
Este cerdito no tenia nada.
Y este cerdito se fue
'ui, ui, ui' todo el viaje a casa.

De venta aqui.


Annie B said...

I love this little pig. Mine came in the mail last week -- thank you!

MaRegina said...

This little pig is fantastic. I love it! I was travelling and saw it today! thanks a lot!


Diane Cutter said...

Annie & MaRegina... Thank you/muito obrigado. I can't believe I was so late getting this little guy out to my Baren friends... and how much I enjoyed doing him! The Year of the Rat will not be so late!