Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Two new woodcuts with Taino Indian designs, both printed with dark umber oil-based ink on rice paper. The Tainos lived in the Caribbean area, including today's Puerto Rico. Now the only evidence of the Taino is in the DNA of the people of the many Caribbean islands.
'Taino Chair' (6"x8") and 'Concha taina' (6"x5.5")
Dos grabados nuevos en madera con disenos de los indios taino, ambos impresiones hecho con tinta (oleo) castano pardo en papel de arroz. Los tainos vivieron en el area caribeno, incluyendo al Puerto Rico de hoy. Ahora las unicas huellas de los tainos se encuentran en el DNA de los residentes de los muchos pueblos caribenos.
'Silla taina' (15cmx20cm) y 'Concha taina' (15cmx14cm)


Annie B said...

Beautiful designs! I like that umber ink.

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Annie... Lately I'm finding myself partial to burnt umber over black because it's a little less stark, making for a warmer monochromatic piece.

Jen said...

Beautiful! You get such a nice, even ink application on your paper- I'm jealous! :o)

The design is awesome, btw!


Diane Cutter said...

Hi, Jen... Thank you. I used to have more trouble with ink coverage but, after much practice, I've found a good inking with lots of thin layers and then a good rubbing with the baren gets very even results. With this paper, since it is so thin, I used my bamboo baren. With thicker papers I use the ball-bearing baren or both, depending on how the ink is picking up. So far I only use dry paper.

Anonymous said...

What do these symbols mean? I would love to know! I'm considering one of those for a tattoo