Monday, August 07, 2006

The Baren Summit fast approaches. My suitcase is more than half full of essentials ... another artist will know what I mean ... I leave tomorrow morning, wending my way to the Pacific Northwest via New Mexico. Minor decisions such as what clothing I take will be decided by what comes out of the dryer this evening but the important art supplies are lovingly stowed.

The Baren Summit... just hearing the words gives me a thrill. For two years I have been waiting for this gathering of woodblock artists. I know their work, read their blogs and emails, and, finally, I will be in the same room with them in 'sponge mode', ready to learn and absorb and share.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

El dicho 'Baren Summit' pronto esta aqui. Mi maleta ya esta casi llena de los esenciales... qualquier artista sabra de lo que hablo... Salgo manana por la manana hacia el Noroeste Pacifico pasando por Nuevo Mejico. Los asuntos triviales como que ropa de llevar hare esta noche pero las provisiones artisticas ya estan empacados con mucho cuidado.

'Baren Summit'... con solo oir las palabras me emocionan. Ya son dos anos que espero este reunion de artistas de grabado en relieve. Conozco su trabajo artistico, leo sus blogs y correspondencia email, y, finalmente, estare en el mismo sitio junto a ellos en 'modo esponja', lista para aprender and absorber and compartir.


Annie B said...

Hi Diane,
Looks like your packing is going great! The Summit is so exciting. I had intended to come but neither my work schedule nor my finances have supported that intention, so I'll be staying home. Will you blog from Vancouver??
Best, Annie

Diane Cutter said...

How disappointing, Annie! I was looking forward to meeting the gal behind those great prints!

Yes, I'll keep track and take pics at the Summit. I don't have proper wireless so I'll probably post pics when I get back...


Annie B said...

I'm disappointed too. I know you all will have a great time, though. And Richard Steiner will be there! Maybe you all can make a post or two on the Barenforum blog with Sherri's computer. Anyhow, will look forward to hearing the stories and seeing pix. Have a great time! AB