Sunday, May 07, 2006

Taino Indian petrogylphs, symbols carved in stones, abound in Puerto Rico. This newest linocut is called 'Mundo Taino' ('Taino World') and incorporates a number of images from the island... two frogs, a bat, an Indian mask, and a monkey figure. This print is an edition of 100 on masa paper; the image is 6"x4".

Los petroglifos (piedra grabada antigua) del indio taino estan por todos lados en Puerto Rico. Este nuevo grabado linocut se llama 'Mundo Taino' y en ello figura varios simbolos de la isla... 2 ranas o sapos, un murcielago, una mascara taina, y una figura de mono. Este grabado tiene una edicion de 100 en papel masa; el imagen mide 6"x4".


Annie B said...

Hi Diane,

I love this one! Do you know the artist named Keith Haring? I was just looking at some ot his work the other day and this somehow reminds me of his stuff - simple somewhat whimsical looking outlines with "energy lines" radiating from them. I wonder if Haring was influenced by Meso-American or Caribbean art? Anyhow, I like the vitality of this print a lot.

best, Annie

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Annie... Coming from you, that's high praise. I'm not familiar with Haring but will definitely check him out!

Sharri L. said...

This is really terrific. I think you can make good use of the native petroglyphs. Annie is right - on, I thought of Keith Haring, too. I'm sure you know his work, you just don't know it! He is everywhere so you have run across it at some point.
The trick when using petroglyphs is to take them and make them your own. You are on your way.

Diane Cutter said...

Sharri... I did look up Haring and had a 'duh' moment. Yes, I do know and like his work. I do see a similarity. I've got a few more designs I'm in the process of cutting and will post soon.