Saturday, July 04, 2009

Watercolor ~ Acuarela
6"x4" ~ 15cm x 10cm

Another little transparent watercolor, getting myself prepped for something larger... The yellow heliconias are found throughout Puerto Rico's El Yunque rainforest, a bright golden glimmer among all the verdant green.


Otra pintura pequena en acuarela transparente, preparandome para algo mas grande... Se encuentran las heliconias amarillas por el bosque portorriqueno de El Yunque, un vistazo dorado entre tanto verdor.


Michaelann Bewsee said...

Just lovely. So tranquil and vibrant.

Diane Cutter said...

Michaelann... I'm happy that I was able to capture that rainforest tranquility.

William Hawkins said...

Hola the work...especially the foto of the dust in the air...can I make a painting from it? Very cool blog...when i get around to it I will add it to my you mind? Thanks for the fun comments...yes, we will believe all our tall tales...till someone tells us otherwise! BTW Que te trajo a PR? ...nacida alli?

Diane Cutter said...

Hi, Bill... Yes, by all means, you have my permission to use that Saharan dust photo. I'd love to see one of your beautiful paintings coming from that.

No soy boricua pero he vivido la mayoria de mi vida en Espana, Mejico (viejo y nuevo), y en Centroamerica y el Caribe. I came to Puerto Rico because it was the 'best of both worlds'... part of the US and all that entails (citizenship, property rights, federal laws I understand) and yet it has it's own exotic flavor. I do go 'home' to the Southwest whenever I can convince my husband that 'dryness' is not a four-letter word...

Joseph said...

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