Thursday, July 19, 2007

These are my favorite photographs taken when we visited Abo (accent on the o), a part of the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument in New Mexico. The Abo Pass Trail also has a colorful history but is now a quiet stretch of a two-lane state highway.

Estas son mis fotografias favoritas tomado cuando visitabamos Abo (acento en el ‘o’), parte de el Monumento Nacional de los Pueblos Indios Salinas.
El Paso Abo tambien tiene una historia pintoresca pero hoy en dia es un estrecho quieto del camino estatal de solo dos vias.


m.Lee said...

I like the window shot a lot!

Diane Cutter said...

I do, too, Marissa... I was afraid it might seem trite but it just called to be photographed that way.

I wish I could give you the sense of cooling, dry breeze and bright, hot sun of New Mexico's high desert climate. It's my favorite weather sensation, especially after living for years with a lot of Caribbean humidity.

vivien said...

no it's not trite - you've made it work so well - love it!

Anita said...

How cute is that squirrel. The window shot is just my thing - acts like a frame but is interesting in itself!

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Vivien and Anita! In my next life I'm going to be a photographer... I just don't seem to have the time in this one!

I initially saw the squirrel from the corner of my eye, thinking it was a rattler as there are signs all over saying, 'Stay on path! Do not disturb the rattlesnakes.' When he came out again I was able to capture him with my great Nikon D50S camera. It's got a glorious Tamaron lens making it impossible not to take great photos!