Sunday, March 04, 2007

'Mountain Fog' (5"x7") is a mixed media of soft pastels and oils. I started painting this plein aire one evening while looking down from Karr Canyon toward the White Sands area in southern New Mexico. It was done on site with soft pastels and then I worked it some more in the studio with oil paints.
'Neblina de la Montana' (13cmx18cm) es una mezcla de pastel suave y oleo. Empece esta pintura un tardecer mirando desde el Canon Karr hacia White Sands en el sur de Nuevo Mexico. Fue hecho alli con pastel suave y luego la trabaje mas en el estudio con oleo.

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Martha Marshall said...

Diane, your work is so inspiring! I'm glad you introduced yourself on Etsy. You make me want to do more printmaking! I gave it up when I no longer had access to an etching press, but I do have the stuff for linocuts and woodcuts.

I love the creative ways you work with all the processes.