Sunday, January 06, 2013

Book Review of "101 Prints" by Norman R. Eppink

101 Prints101 Prints by Norman R. Eppink
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This book has an interesting format. Originally the book was a project in which Eppink produced 101 prints using the various printmaking processes known and then gave a brief description to accompany each of those prints. It was presented as a boxed set, an edition of only 15. While those 15 sets are no longer available outside of museums and private collections, we have a published book which reproduces those prints with their explanations.

The upside for this book is that there is a simple explanation of each of the printmaking processes: various types of woodcuts, intaglio, etc. It was a bit more expansive on the different types than most printmaking books I've seen, making it a good reference book for any printmaker that wishes to expand their library.

The downside is it was published in 1971 and since that time there have been big developments in many newer printmaking techniques. In addition, a number of his print descriptions now have a newer vocabulary. Also don't expect a how-to book on the processes.

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