Monday, October 22, 2012

Another new piece ~ Otra pieza nueva

"Beach Bum"  ~  "Pordiosero playero"
Scratchboard  5"x7" (12cm x 17cm)
Here's another recently finished scratchboard piece.  Here in Puerto Rico we have the pearly-eyed thrasher which loves to hop right up as soon as you open your food at the beach.  Since posting this elsewhere I've gotten all kinds of similar comments about pesky grackles, house sparrows, and pigeons, all shameless urban beggars.

Aqui tenemos otra pieza scratchboard recientamente terminada.  En Puerto Rico tenemos el zorzal pardo que encanta salta bien cerquita el momento que empiezas a comer algo en la playa.  A proposito de exhibir este en otra website he tenido mucho comentario sobre pajaros necios como el estornin, el gorrion, y la paloma, todos mendigos sinverguenzosos.


Ellen Shipley said...

Love your beach bum. 8-]

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Ellen, they truly are a cute nuisance.

Ittai Altshuler said...

Hi Diane
Can you explaine more about scratchboard. I love your work. thank you Ittai Altshuler

Diane Cutter said...

Thank you, Attai... Scratchboard is a drawing technique. Ampersand sells black boards (panels covered with gesso and then a layer of India ink). The drawing is created by scratching or cutting into the black surface thus revealing the white gesso underneath. I used anything from a
surgeon's scalpel, a cut down tattoo needle, steel wool, nails, my diamond tipped etching stylus, etc. Mistakes can be corrected by using diluted India ink and re-scratching. Then, when the piece is done, it is sprayed with varnish several times. That allows it to be framed without glass.

I think my attraction to this art form comes from my printmaking background. I really like black and white, the strength that comes from just the color of paper and the black ink, the challenge of making sense out of only two colors
(black and white), giving form and life to an image with limited color, deciding how much detail can be eliminated for the image to make sense.

I have done some research and scratchboard can be used as a printing plate. I have been planning to print one of these but have yet to have the courage to
cover one up with ink. It was also suggested to me that I make a solar plate from these drawings. I will definitely post the process, whichever I decide.

And next time I start a new board I'll do a WIP (work in progress) so some of the mystery will be taken out of it.