Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Emily Carr?

 'North by Northwest' - woodcut, 3.25"x2.5" - edition 100
'Norte por noroeste' - grabado en madera, 8.5x6cm - edicion 100

I swear Emily Carr haunted my knives for my latest woodcut.  Don't know who she is?  Then you are definitely not Canadian.  Neither am I but I just recently found her.  I love her trees and somehow I felt her spirit creep into this tiny piece for the Baren 53 print exchange.


Juro que Emily Carr entro mis navajas para este ultimo grabado.  No la conoces?  Entonces es seguro que no eres canadiense.  Ni yo tampoco pero recientemente la conoci.  Me encanta sus arboles y de una manera u otra su espiritu invadio esta pieza pequena para el intercambio de grabado de Baren (53).


Oscar said...

What a good image for Emily Carr - she would be proud of you. (I say this as a Canadian, of course) As for haunting, it well might have been Emily's pet monkey, not she herself, who was your ghost :o)

Lovely chiaroscuro print!


Terry Peart said...


C Tanner Jensen said...

Beautiful Diane. Odd, I found book about Emily Carr in my boxes last week. She must be busy visiting.

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, Oscar. She was quite the independent woman.

Tanner... I read the novel 'The Forest Lover' earlier this year. That was my introduction to Emily. She captured my imagination because we had done an Alaska/British Columbia small ship cruise a couple of years ago and I was most struck by those isolated groups of old trees on teensy islands. I can just imagine the totems scattered among them.

Barbara Mason said...

The best Emily Carr book is called the "Book of Small" and is about her life growing up. There used to be a fabulous exhibit of her work at a Museum in Vancouver and it was chronological so you really felt like you were walking through her life...amazing. I find her work a little dark, but have you ever been in a rain forest? Dark is pretty normal

Diane Cutter said...

Barbara... Thanks for the book reference. I'll have to read it.

Yes, I agree her work is very dark, almost depressingly so, since I'm not used to Northern rainforests, only the Caribbean kind. I love her abstracted shapes... that's what attracts me most.