Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm taking a page out of Henry Ford's assembly line idea and working on a series of ten linocuts, all abstracts based on Zentangle sketches I did last fall.  One is already done and the rest are in different stages of completion.  The only way I would be able to finish all ten is to do all of them at once.  

I bought some mounted lino from McClain's, the kind that has black ink on the surface.  Then I glued my patterns on the various blocks, let them dry, and began cutting.  The first was the one for the Baren print exchange 'Loco Motion' .

Estoy tomando una pagina de Henry Ford y su famoso 'assembly line' y estoy trabajando una serie de diez grabados en linoleo, todos abstratos basados en dibujos Zentangle que hice el otono pasado.  Uno ya esta hecho.  Los demas estan en diferentes etapas de ejecucion.  La unica manera en que seria capaz de terminar los diez es hacer todos a la vez.  

Compre algunos linos montado de McClain's, el tipo que lleva tinta negra en la superficie.  Luego pegue mis patrones en los distintos bloques, los deje que se secaron, y empezo a cortar.  El primero fue lo que hice para el intercambio de grabados de Baren, 'Loco Motion'.



Jan said...

Diane, these Zentangles are really interesting, I must look into it. They are vastly superior to what I think of as 'doodles'.
I'm interested to know how well pin presses work and if this is something you use?

Diane Cutter said...

Jan... I found these a great way to break through creative barriers. In fact, while working them I found they got more and more elaborate.. I have visions of future tangles in a very large format.

I have a pin press but haven't used it for this. I would not use the pin press for any mounted lino because of the height, but unmounted lino should be just fine. I ran them through a regular press but, depending on the paper, a traditional baren or spoon would be just fine. These are like any relief cut...

I see you have done some lovely work for your Leonardo book. What a lovely creation!

Street Art said...

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