Friday, May 07, 2010

'The Wonder of It All' ~ 'Lo maravilloso de todo'
Reduction Woodcut ~ Grabado en madera
6" x 4" ~ 15 cm x 10 cm
Ink/Tinta:  Daniel Smith / Handschy 
Paper/Papel:  Arches 88

After years of being a scuba instructor, I'd never done anything with divers in it... so I took this opportunity with a Baren relief print exchange, the only rules being that it be a three color reducton relief print on paper sized 10"x7.5".  I tried to express that moment when the new diver is overtaken by the wonder of the experience, now fearless, ready to let go of the instructor's hand.  I apologize to responsible divers everywhere as the other two are not very good buddies, a little too far apart but it was necessary for the composition... 

A reduction print is created from one piece of wood. Since I didn't want any white, the first color pass was not cut into at all. Then, for the violet, all the water area was cut away, the wood was inked and registered on top of the solid turquoise. For the last color, all divers, fish, and most of the reef were cut away, the wood was inked and registered on top of the previous two colors. 

We printmakers fondly use the term 'suicide print' for this method since it is so easy to cut too much or, much worse, start with a set edition number in mind and come out with only a few that are properly registered. Because I needed 31, I started with 51 and ended with 43 that I'm proud of... The others are in my 'circular file', better known as the waste basket.

Despues de anos de ser instructora de buceo, nunca habia hecho nada con buzos en mi arte...  entonces tome esta oportunidad con un intercambio de Baren, las unicas reglas siendo que sea un grabado en relieve de reduccion de tres colores en papel tamano 25cm por 19 cm.  Quise expresar aquel momento en cuando el novato esta tan encantado por la maravilla de la experiencia, ya sin miedo, listo para soltar la mano del instructor.  Disculpas a todos los buzos responsables en que dos de ellos no son buenos companeros, siendo un poco lejos uno del otro...  pero fue necesario para la composicion.

Una impresion reduccion es creada de un solo pedazo de madera.  Como no deseaba tener nada blanco entonces el primer paso de color no llevaba ninguin corte.  Luego para la violeta, todo el area de agua fue cortado, la madera fue entintada y registrada encima de la turquesa solida. Para el ultimo color, los buzos, los peces, y la mayor parte del arrecife fueron cortados, la madera fue entintada y registrada encima de los anteriores dos colores.  
Nosotros los que hacemos grabados carinosamente utilizamos la palabra 'suicidio' para este metodo porque es tan facil cortar demasiado o, peor, comenzar con una edicion fija en la mente y salir con solo unas pocas que son registradas apropiadamente.  Como me hacian falta 31, comence con 51 y termine con 43 que me enorgullecen...  Los demas estan en mi archivo 'circular', mejor conocido como el basurero.


Miss Trudy said...

I love the colors. They are very soothing and blissful. In our printmkaing workshop here, that method is called "placa perdida," I think.

Diane Cutter said...

Thank you so much for the vocabulary lesson, Miss Trudy.... 'placa perdida'... I like it! For most things, I can find the right words but the printmaking part of my art education was in English and I'm somewhat lost on the proper words in Spanish... Mil gracias... Feel free to make me smarter any time!

I'd love to know more about your printmaking sessions. I miss the company of an active print lab. It's always so inspiring.

And I do apologize for the lack of accents and en-yes... Somehow my laptop is English speaking, too... Blogger won't let me do them without major hassles.

MaRegina said...

a nice place to be :)

Miss Trudy said...

Well, I am learning the vocabulary in Spanish as I go, too! I have done all of my higher education in the USA, but am going to art school in Guatemala, so it gets confusing.

I take classes in the workshop of a collective called La Torana. It is an award-winning group of young artists and they take on a few students. I got lucky that they accepted me with no serious art background to speak of. They mix traditional printmaking techniques from Spain and Mexico, with more experimental stuff. So it is a rigorous training but they encourage us to try out our own ideas. Needless to say, I am very-very green and haven't done anything really worthwhile. I can only hope to some day be as good as you!

Debra James Percival said...

Wonderful print Diane.