Thursday, September 10, 2009

'From My Window' ~ 'Desde mi ventana'

Woodcut ~ Grabado en madera

Edition/Edicion: 46

Image size/Tamano del imagen: 7"x10"/18x25 cm

This woodcut is my recent contribution to the Baren Forum relief print exchange #41... 'My Window'.


Este grabado en madera es mi contribucion al intercambio no. 41 de grabados en relieve 'Mi ventana'.


DRB said...

I like how you've handled the transparent bottle and the solid pots.

I too read all of Belinda's blog!

Diane Cutter said...

Thanks, DRB. Yes, I love Belinda's blog... and I also enjoy yours though I rarely comment. I've been enjoying your latest culinary posts... makes me want to find my way to your kitchen table!