Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Woodcut ~ Grabado en Madera
6"x4" ~ 15 x 10 cm

The 'Different Strokes from Different Folks' blog is the wonderful brainchild of artist Karin Jurick. It's a bi-weekly challenge to us artists to all create from the same photograph. Never being quick on the draw, no pun intended, I've had the Week 1 Challenge 'My Jack' floating around the studio and .... finally ... he's done. There have been more than 20 challenges to date. These are supposed to be done within a two week time frame. Somehow that doesn't work for me but the inspiration does ... eventually. If you need some of that inspiration, I suggest visiting that site. There might just be something that sets you to carving...


El blog 'Different Strokes from Different Folks' es la creacion maravillosa de la artista Karin Jurick. Es una reta cada dos semanas a nosotros los artistas a crear de la misa fotografia. Como nunca hago nada rapidamente, el imagen de la primera semana ha sido circulando mi estudio y ... finalmente ... esta hecha. Han sido mas de 20 retas hasta al dia. Se deben terminarlas dentro de un periodo de dos semanas. De alguna manera este no es sirve para mi pero la inspiracion si sirve ... eventualmente. Si hace falta un poco de esta inspiracion, sugiero una visita a ese blog. Puede ser que haya algo que te antoje cortar una madera...


Anita said...

So cute!

Annie B said...

What a neat challenge the "Different Strokes" blog is offering. I enjoed looking at some of the other Jack portraits. You're right, biweekly is way too often for a woodcut, but hats off to you for taking up the challenge anyway. Nice jack!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

It's nice to see you back carving and posting. I just caught up with your recent postings. It was neat to read about your travels to New Mexico. I grew up there and have most my family still in New Mexico. I thoroughly enjoy your work.

redchair said...

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Jo Castillo said...

This is so special. Nice work with the wood cutting.

Sue said...

What a great cut, Diane! I'm off to take a look at 'Different Strokes' now. :-)

Ellen Shipley said...

I love your Jack. And thanx for the link to Different Strokes. It's really quite intriguing.