Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Naturaleza Taina'
Woodcut ~ Grabado en madera
Image size/tamano del imagen: 5"x3" / 12.5cm x 7.5cm
Edition: 75

Again, a Nibblefest offering on eBay. The images used in this woodcut are taken from Puerto Rican petroglyphs done by Taino Indians. They represent the sun, a snail, two birds and two frogs (our beloved tiny, extremely noisy coquis).


Otra vez una oferta Nibblefest en eBay. Las imagines usadas en esta gradado en madera vienen de los petroglifos hechos por los Tainos. Representan el sol, un caracol, dos pajaros y dos coquis (nuestros queridos sapitos chiquititos capaces de tanta bulla).

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Eraethil said...

Your prints inspired by cultural icons are always so interesting! Very cool to see them brought forward to the 21st century. This one is particularly well composed!