Saturday, February 09, 2008

Robert Liberace is a fabulous artist and a wonderful, generous instructor. Last month we had him down here in Puerto Rico for a 5-day figurative painting workshop. It has been years since I've painted seriously in oils, having spent so much time these last few years with my printmaking.

Day One was a morning demo by Rob and an afternoon session where we worked blocking in shadows and trying to forget about the shapes hidden by shadows. Definitely a challenge!

Robert Liberace es un artista fabuloso y un instructor genial y generoso. El mes pasado estaba aqui para una semana de pintura figurativa. Ha sido anos que no pinto en oleo seriamente como estoy haciendo grabados casi exclusivamente esos dias.

Dia Uno teniamos una demonstracion por Rob y por la tarde pintabamos usando el concepto tener las sombras como una sola forma sin pensar en los detalles dentro de esas mismas sombras. Dificil en el maximo!

Day 2 was another demo by Rob and an afternoon session where we got a little more detailed but still thinking in terms of shapes and not details.

Dia Dos tuvimos otra demonstracion por Rob y por la tarde pintabamos con mas detalle pero todavia pensando en terminos de formas y no detalles.

Wednesday was my 'crying' day. Again we had a demo and then got to spend the afternoon with the face... ARRGGG!!! This face was painted and wiped off all afternoon long. I was ready to give away my brushes and get back to my beloved knives. What a frustrating day!!!

Miercoles era mi dia de 'lagrimas'. Otra vez una demo y luego pasabamos la tarde con la cara... PUCHICA!!! Esta cara fue pintada y quitada toda la tarde. Estaba con deseos de regalar mis pinceles y regresar a mis navajas queridas de grabado. Que dia tan frustrante!!!

The last two days there was no demo. Instead we had the same model and did an intensive study. Rob painted along with us so I spent most of my time wandering between my easel and his, absorbing his 'how' of doing and trying to incorporate it into my piece.

Los dos ultimos dias no habia una demo. En cambio tuvimos al mismo model y hicimos un estudio intensivo. Rob pintaba al lado de nosotros... entonces pase la mayoria del tiempo andando entre mi caballete y el suyo, absorbiendo el 'como' de hacerlo de Rob y tratando de incorporarlo en la pieza mia.


Lynette said...

Diane I think you did a very wonderful job on your figures! We used to have live models in college and I found doing figure studies was the hardest thing for me.

Annie B said...

My hat is off to you. I wouldn't know the first thing about creating a realistic human figure with nothing but a pile of squishy oil paints and a brush. I like your Wednesday face.

Barbara said...

Diane, I don't know what your figure painting was like before the workshop, but I'd be thrilled with these results! I especially like your "crying day" painting; the model was crying along with you, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Hello.. I came across your "Jaguar" Linocut. I did one in 2003 of the same stone jaguar, I did a drawing of it then a lino cut.. very similr! i was shocked to see yours since it is so similar.. I love it :) I'll gladly show you mine if you like..

Anonymous said...

O & by the way, I love your art. You are so talented.

Diane Cutter said...

Lynnie... Thanks! It was great fun and quite taxing. I was bushed at the end of each day.

Annie... With your wonderful, trained eye for shapes and colors, you'd be more than up for the challenge.

Barbara... I think I worked too hard at trying to be perfect before. Rob's concept of looking for shapes and ignoring the shadows really made a big difference in approach. I found I was able to move forward instead of worrying about an eye or a finger.

Anon... Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, the Jaguar was one of my favorite images from years of living in Central America. There is no way to improve upon the beauty of Mayan art... just a re-representing in a relief print. And please, do direct me to your jaguar. I'd love to see it.

odette farrell said...

I've seen Liberace work.

Qué virtuosisimo, qué afortunada de tomar un taller con él y la verdad tus óleos están muy bien.