Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'Fall' ~~~
Woodcut ~~~ Grabado en madera
Image size 6"x8" ~~~ Tamano 15cm X 20cm
Ink/tinta: Daniel Smith oil relief ink
Paper/papel: Natural mulberry

Four Oceans Press is sponsoring a Fall theme print exchange. In planning the image, thoughts of falling leaves, Harvest moons, and geese flying south for the winter all came to mind... helped in no small part by our recent Vermont foliage vacation.


Four Oceans Press esta patrocinando un intercambio de grabados con el tema del otono. En planear la imagen los pensamientos de la caida de las hojas, plenilunas, y gansos volando hacia el sur para el invierno surgieron a mi mente ... ayudado seguramente por nuestra vacacion reciente a Vermont para el follaje.


Kathe Welch said...

This is beautiful. I am excited to see it in person. I am so Glad to have you as part of our exchange. Your work continues to impress me...

Diane Cutter said...

Kathe... I'm so glad you like it. I loved working on it. For once everything just came together.

m.Lee said...

Diane you have outdone yourself, what a stunner!