Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bananas and plantains come in all varieties here in Puerto Rico. This stalk was growing wild in the next lot, so we have given it a home in our kitchen. This red variety tastes very fruity, a little like apples, and is very good eating and also makes excellent 'amarillas', ripe pan-fried banana slices.

Bananas y platanos vienen en toda variedad aqui en Puerto Rico. Estes estaban creciendo en el lote abandonado al lado de nuestro propiedad entonces ya estamos usandolos. Este variedad rojo tiene sabor a manzana and tambien se los puede usar para 'amarillas' excelentes.


ashling said...

oh yummy yumm yum !!
i've never ever seen
red bananas before
that's fantastic !!
i want one ;)

Diane Cutter said...

Hi, Ash!!! Great to see you... I'd send you one but the tree-ripened nanas don't travel well at all, only as far as the breakfast table!!!